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Come to this place as your real self. Don't come dressed up. Don't worry about whether folk know you have messed up. We'll fess up we have and still do.

What we have going on at Crossfire is not fancy, but is for sure real. We get to be real, but better yet God is real here. Come see for yourself! Check out some of the ways Crossfire is involved not just in loving God, but loving our neighbor - Jesus worship, but Jesus work.

What is the "biker church" label, do I have to ride a motorcycle to come? Nope, nor do you even have to want to ride. Less than a third of congregation ride. We got started by a bike dude who complained there was not a place where folk like him felt welcomed. See the video made 5 years ago.

Harley and Heifers.... that's what an international magazine says we about. Check out one person’s view. Heifer International Article